Fulfil white chocolate cookie dough 

Appearance: 🔹 Again about average sized bar at 55g again pretty fairly flat, this on had a milk chocolate coating with crispy bits underneath, also this one gets a caramel layer and cookie dough pieces.

Texture🔹: the white chocolate coating is thick and cracks on biting, again theres a great crunch from all the crispy bits, the caramel layer is sticky and there’s a nice soft, crumbly feel to the bar 

Taste🔹: Excellent. I’m happy to report that they’ve nailed the white chocolate, the caramel pairs really well with it and the whole bar has cookie dough flavour but the white chocolate coating gives the bar this creamy undertone. It works really well. 




Carbs:11.1 (fibre:7.8)


They’ve kept the macro profile inline with the rest of the range and the fact they keep them under the 200kcal mark is pretty impressive.
This one is on par with the milk chocolate caramel cookie dough, although I have heard reports that of all the new flavours, these are the most difficult to find.
They managed to nail all the flavours perfectly, the texture is spot on and macros are again superb. If you’re a white chocolate fan these are about as good as it gets.

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