Fulfil dark chocolate mint flavour.

Appearance: 🔹 About average sized bar at 55g fairly flat and thin, it’s got a dark chocolate coating with crispy bits underneath, a white mint flavoured layer and finally a nought like centre with more chocolate chips.
Texture🔹: the chocolate coating cracks on biting, theres a great crunch from all the crispy bits, the centre is crumbly and the mint layer is soft and smooth. It’s a really nice blend of textures.
Taste🔹: Very good. The dark chocolate comes through really well and the mint flavour is there in every bite. The two pair perfectly. Think large scale, crispy protein after eight. 




Carbs:10 (fibre:10.7)



First things first, that’s a very impressive macro split. They’ve also included quality ingredients in the bar with low fat cocoa powder, cocoa butter cocoa nibs, mint flavoured sugar nibs all make in the list.
These are quite similar to grenades mint carb killa bars but for me the flavours are a bit stronger and come through better in the fulfil, and I ate one right after the other for the sake of research (the things I do for you people) 

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the lads that created fulfil and they’re genuinely driven to make quality products, it really shows with this new flavour.

If you’re an after eight fan these will blow you away.

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