Grenade Carb kill banana armour.

Grenade Carb kill banana armour.
Appearance: 🔹 Decent sized bar at 60g milk chocolate coating with a layer of large crispy bits, a thick layer of caramel and finally a chewy nought centre.
Texture🔹: Great crunch from the large crispy layer, the chocolate cracks on biting and the caramel is sticky as it should be. The centre has the right amount of chew without being tough.
Taste🔹: Really good. The caramel is really good, sweet and and there’s lots of it. The banana comes through great and works really well with the chocolate and caramel flavours. It doesn’t overpower the bar and tastes natural instead of being a synthetic over the top flavour. 




Carbs:14.8 (fibre:6.4)


This variety is also graced with those magic carb killa macros, low sugar and a still a decent amount of fibre for under 15 carbs. 

They’ve also used some quality ingredients here and it really shows, it’s nice to see them include cocoa butter in the chocolate coating to give it some melt factor.
I really enjoyed this one, shame it’s only a limited edition.

Banana fans rejoice.

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