Nutramino crispy chocolate brownie.

Appearance: 🔹 Good sized bar at 64g although I did notice the wrapper was huge in comparison to the actual bar.

This one is a lot like the kinetica and dynabar bars I’ve already reviewed. Chocolate coating with crispy cookie prices and caramel around a nought like centre.
Texture:🔹 Good crunch from the cookie prices and the caramel is spot on but (like the other nutramino bars) the centre is on the tough side and becomes a bit of a chore to chew.
Taste🔹: Initially very good, the chocolate coating tastes as it should the its the right amount of sweet. However there is an odd synthetic taste that overpowers every thing else and the whole bar a tainted, unpleasant flavour. It’s almost as if an ingredient has gone off.



Carbs:25 (fibre:0.3)


It’s not a bad macro split but given the odd flavour and the fact they needed to use 15g of sugar per bar this really should have tasted better. I had to actually check if the bar was still in date, which it was (04/2017)
Protein comes from a blend which ranges from whey isolate (the good) to collagen hydrolysate (the not so good) on the surface this seemed like a promising bar from a good brand but in actual fact is a bit of a half assed attempt.

If you want this style of bar there’s much better offerings from kinetica and protein dynamix

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