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screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-11-02-44love_liftingMade some ‘killer cornbread’ to have along side an amazing chowder to sop up all the goodness! Was an amazing meal to say the least! If you want the recipe hit up the OG @the_beltsander and his awesome ebooks have soooo many recipes I frequently use! 👍


mikeystraughanFully Home-made, Mozzarella stuffed crust Pepperoni and Ham Pizza! .


Any pizza is good pizza. But homemade dough from @the_beltsanderand homemade sauce make it


mcconnon.fitnessGot my bake on last night and made this cherry bakewell loaf inspired by the beltsander, tasted amazing but I’ve made a few changes for a re-bake, will happily eat the rest of this after training later 😅😂 Macros breakdown:
Calories: 633
Fat: 39G
Carbs: 31G
Protein: 46G


ifym_fitness_Macro capping with a strawberry and chocolate protein cake using @musclemousseuk
I just used muscle mousse in the minimum effort gateaux recipe from @the_beltsandervol 2 and baked with golden @oreo , strawberry Oreos an Cadbury buttons. Topped it all with @carefreefoods caramel and strawberry syrups. Ice cream on the side optional.


iifym_fitness_I’ve been seeing them new zinger adverts everywhere today and had a bad bad craving for KFC so went for the healthy alternative and made some BFC (beltsander fried chicken) from @the_beltsander vol 2


pops_foodiekitchenSherpards Pie 👌 The only good thing about winter is looking forward to Dinners like this again 😆 Just got a craving for this as haven’t made it in forever so hit the spot big time – Made from scratch using @the_beltsander Recipe from ebook Vol 2 👌 So delicious and most of all so easy 😅 All Gluten Free also of course 😊 Served with some all important greens


rdphysiqueWith and without chocolate sauce!
Full plate of cannelini bean brownies, @musclemeatnl protein ice cream, a protein mars and casein chocolate sauce on top! 100 gr of protein right there! Still needed that to meet my daily requirements.
Recipe from @the_beltsander

iifym_fitness_Big refuel after a heavy back session:

Chicken carbonara with tagliatelle pasta. I just adapted the recipe from @the_beltsander vol 2 and subbed the salmon for chicken as I needed a bigger protein fix and added mushrooms. Again great recipe this one and literally took 20 mins which is what you want after a late session.
Let the food coma commence 😴


marissule#sunday #rainyday #lunch😻@the_beltsander #proteinpancakes with #cocoa and #coconut, topped with #fatfree#greekyogurt and #cherry #jam, sided with #nectarine and #melon.


pops_foodiekitchenFresh Batch of @the_beltsander Brownies – Yet to tire of these don’t think it will ever happen 🙈 Of all the brownie recipes I’ve tried always go back to these can’t be bet 👌 There probably the easiest and quickest to make also 👏


rhysmcanFinishing today off @the_beltsander style.


miikeklugsome good ol’ cheesecake brownies, adapted from @the_beltsander



sam__yearsleyAnother salad – yes BUT a spicey peanut butter dressing thanks to @the_beltsander. Used powdered PB which kept the macro’s very friendly and fucking tasty #justaddpeanutbutter


strengthmilitia_hq****Fast Food Hack***** Protein 24
Carbs 11
Fat 1.5

Prep time 10 mins
Cooking time 30 mins

This receipe from @the_beltsander is top notch. Very tasty and fulfilling.
This is a major 🔑


iifym_fitness_Trying one of the take on the takeaway recipes from @the_beltsandercookbook vol 2.

This is a healthy take on KFC and it didn’t disappoint.

I used crunchy nut cornflakes instead of regular as that was all I had in.

This was so simple to make and tastes amazing.

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