Kinetica Deluxe protein bar. Chocolate Brownie flavour.

Appearance: 🔹 thick chocolate coating, loads of rice krispie type pieces ontop of a caramel layer which surrounds a chocolate flavour nougat centre.
Texture🔹: Superb, the chocolate coating cracks on biting, and like with the cookie flavour, theres tonnes of crispy pieces that give a great crunch and there’s also plenty of caramel which surrounds the core giving you Carmel in every bite rather than just in a top layer.
Taste🔹: Superb, the chocolate tastes as it should, the caramel is spot on and there’s so much of it, there crispy rice adds little in terms of flavour, but the centre has a mild chocolate flavour. This on does lack the creaminess of the cookies flavour.



Carbs:23 (fibre:4)


Again it’s a really good macro split, a nice amount of fibre with a small amount of sugar. This flavour also gets some quality ingredients: Cocoa powder, caramel, cocoa butter etc.
Again this one is an great all rounder, tastes is incredible with a great blend of textures although it is very similar to the cookie flavour (which I think I prefer slightly)
If I had one complaint it’s that with a lot of these the the caramel doesn’t stay where it should, it tends to run out of one side of the bar. It doesn’t effect the taste but it does pool on one side of the wrapper and makes them a sticky mess to open. 

I bought 2 boxes of these and more than 50% were like that. Of course that isn’t necessary kinetica’s fault, it’s more of an observation, not worth docking a point for. 



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