BSN syntha 6, Edge chocolate peanut butter flavour bar.

Appearance: 🔹 Theres a pretty hefty feel to these bars for 66g. They have a fairly thick chocolate coating on a dense fudgy centre which is topped with real full sized peanuts. (It’s actually nice to see real full sized peanuts in a bar for a change)
Texture🔹: Very dense and fudgy, quite a bit of chewing need on this one but the sizeable peanuts do add a nice crunch.
Taste🔹: Not bad. The chocolate coating is spot on, it cracks on biting and melts away. There loads of peanut flavour thanks to the full sized peanuts throughout. While this one does suffer from the same odd aftertaste as the vanilla fudge flavour it’s a bit less notable.



Carbs:21 (fibre 6.8)


The macro split is pretty good and the are very dense and satisfying for 230 kcal. The protein comes from a whey concentrate and although the chocolate coating tastes great it’s actually just a milk chocolate flavour coating as oppose to real chocolate (they could have fooled me)
This bar gets a lot of things right, the chocolate coating the real peanuts. It’s a shame they do have that odd aftertaste that lingers at the end of every bite. They do manage to keep the sugar pretty low for how sweet they taste but I’m guessing that aftertaste is the result of too much artificial sweetener.


So close

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