PHD flapjack+ peanut butter flavour.


Appearance: 🔹 These feel pretty hefty for a protein bar. (75g) chunky flapjack style bar with a scattering of chopped peanuts on top.

Texture🔹: Soft, sticky and very doughy. There’s a bit of a crunch from the oats and the peanuts on top. Not bad overall.

Taste🔹: Not very sweet, these are a bit salty. There is a peanut flavour from the topping but outside of that there’s not a whole lot going on here taste wise. I know they’re meant to be a flapjack but these are very very bland.

Carbs:35 (fibre:3.4)

Macro wise there not bad for a flapjack. The protein comes from a blend of milk protein, hydrolysed gelatine and whey protein concentrate. This of course makes them off limits for the vegetarians among us, and as a result the whole product has a half arsed feel about it if I’m being honest.
This PHD bar also comes with a set of bizarre instructions:
This product should not be used a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle (good to know). Consume 1-2 protein flapjack + bars daily to help support a high protein diet.

Why PHD? Why between 1-2 per day? It’s as though they’re deliberately targeting the gym casuals who may be suckered into buying boxes of these to support their “high protein diet”. I know I’m repeating myself here but I do feel there’s a bitter irony here that they decided to call themselves PHD given all the bro science they print on their labels… 3/10

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