Mission one cookies and cream flavour .


Having tried and been disappointed by the brownie flavour mission one bar I did not have high expectations for this one but a lot people told me I should try it so… Appearance: 🔹 Pretty average sized bar at 60g this flavour is lighter with cookie dough and cookie chips throughout. Definitely better looking than the brownie flavour.

Texture🔹: Very soft, and dense with a nice amount of chew. They’ve decided to follow quest and go with a soluble corn fibre based bar and it actually works pretty well in this case. They’re pretty sticky to handle and unfortunately the chips add nothing to the texture, but overall not bad.

Taste🔹: The initial flavour is actually pretty good but the chips add very little to the flavour either. It’s a shame because they really did nail the cookie dough flavour.
Carbs:22 (fibre17)

Macro wise these are excellent and to be fair they’ve used some quality ingredients here (the protein coming from a blend of whey and milk isolate) but than they’ve also used palm oil which is bound to upset some people.

Overall these are miles better than the brownie flavour mission one bar, but I still find it ridiculous that companies are using the slogan “clean protein bar” in this day and age. It’s seems a blatant attempt to appeal to the nutritional novices out there.
For me it’s still a case of “looks better than it actually is” again.


It’s not a bad bar, it’s just nowhere near as good as quests cookie dough bar.

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