Quest apple pie flavour.


Appearance: 🔹 Pretty average sized bar at 60g. A perfect rectangle with specks of apple chunks throughout.

Texture🔹: Quite crumbly but still has a bit of a chew, this one is more of a pleasure than a chore, unlike some of the other quests. The chunks of apple throughout give a nice blend of textures

Taste🔹: Very good, they’re very sweet overall. The apple pieces taste like apple and the sets even a hint of cinnamon this is an example pf a flavour done properly.




Carbs:9 (fibre:14)



Macros are pretty good, (note they have hidden some of the carbs in the fibre column) typical quest profile.

This one is a great flavour. The crumbly texture reminds of pastry. The apple works really well and the cinnamon ties in perfectly. It’s a simple flavour but it’s been done well.

Although it’s been a while since I’ve had on of these it didn’t disappoint. Overall it’s a solid effort. Definitely one of quests better flavours and worth picking up:


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