BSN syntha 6 edge bar. Vanilla chocolate fudge flavour.

Appearance: 🔹 Slightly above average sized at 66g. Thick chocolate coating with cookie chunks and a chocolate caramel above a fudge like centre.

Texture🔹: Very soft, dense and fudgy. The cookie pieces add a bit of variation but the centre takes quite a bit of chewing to get through and it turns slightly grainy at the end.
Taste🔹: initially it’s very good, the chocolate coating is top notch (chocolate bar quality) the centre is very sweet and does have a nice vanilla flavour but there’s definitely an odd aftertaste. If you’ve ever eaten the old school protein bars from back in the day these will be immediately familiar.




Carbs:21 (fibre7.4)


The macros are pretty good, you get 20g of protein (blend of whey concentrate, milk concentrate and casein) and a decent hit of fibre while keeping the sugar under control. The

Overall it’s not a bad offering, they really nail the chocolate coating and the fudge texture.

There’s some good quality ingredients in there but for me that odd aftertaste just lets the whole product down.

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