Mars protein bar.

Appearance: 🔹 looks similar to the real McCoy but it’s been scaled down some. It does come in the familiar black Mars wrapper, is coated in chocolate although it’s a very thin coating, it’s got a caramel layer (again very thin) and a nougat centre. All the elements are present but they have been scaled back.
Texture🔹: not bad, the chocolate cracks, the caramel is sticky and overall it’s pretty similar to a regular Mars but the centre is quite a bit chewier and it’s a bit on the dry side.
Taste🔹: Not bad, the chocolate coating tastes like chocolate although there’s not enough of it, the caramel tastes pretty good but again it’s pretty scarce. The nought centre is sweet but a little bland. Overall it does have an authentic Mars flavour.





To its credit, that is a pretty good split. Fats are really low (probably one of the lowest I’ve seen in a bar) the 19g protein combines form a blend (soya, milk isolate and whey concentrate)
I definitely prefer this one to the snickers bar. Mostly because it tastes more like the real thing. All the elements are there, they’re just scaled back to keep it macro friendly.
Credit to Mars for designing a bar from the ground up. These things are insanely popular and they probably could have achieved the same result by releasing a Mars bar with a little whey thrown into the blend.
As far as protein bars go it’s not a bad but they are a little overhyped. So don’t expect it to be to similar to a real mars or you might be disappointed.

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