Square bar, chocolate coated crunch.

imageAppearance: 🔹 much like the first square bar I reviewed, this one also looks like someone’s backed over it in their car. But it’s imperfect form sort of adds to its charm.

Texture🔹: initially the texture is great, there’s a crack from the chocolate coating, it’s crumbly and also melts away but this flavour has rice crisps throughout (hence the name) and while some of them do crunch, some of the crisps have a soggy rice Krispy vibe to them, and that sort of lets the bar down in terms of overall texture.

Taste🔹: Again very good, their sweet, very, very chocolaty and taste far more decadent than the macros would suggest.

Carbs:23 (fibre2)

Again these aren’t ground breaking macros but you also have to consider these are 100% organic, gluten free and vegan and still taste awesome which in itself is an achievement.

I’ve tried quite a few flavours from the square bar range but I found this one to be my least favourite, it’s let down by its soggy Rice Krispie texture which is a shame because it’s an otherwise outstanding product.


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