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🔹First attempt at a Blueberry Pie with slow cooked filling didn’t quite work out (filling too runny) so I decided to make completely unaesthetic pop tarts instead. Turned out pretty good for the very first time ever making anything with a homemade pie crust. Need to tweak my methods, but these were tasty nonetheless.
🔹Next time gonna try Brown Sugar Cinnamon.
🔹Pie crust recipe courtesy of the Beltsander. @the_beltsander Can’t wait to start digging through the new cookbook!

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aimee.ironsCannellini bean protein brownie from @the_beltsander‘s cookbook, topped with my dad’s homemade blackcurrant jam. Mmmm!

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iifymalexBeef nachos with fresh guacamole and selfmade tortilla chips 🙌, unfortunately without cheese as we had nothing left 😭 and yes I know, not one of my best looking meals

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patricia_iifym🎉 No more cutting 🙅🏽 Going to chill with 2200 calories per day this week and go from there ✌🏼️ That being said, this recipe is fkn amazing (@the_beltsander) 💣 Having 1/4 of this whole apple cake (8 x 8 baking dish if you were wondering) with 13 g of whipped cream at 4 pm (meal 1 🙈) before some cardio 💦

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iifym_fitness_Macro capping with a batch of cannalini bean brownies from @the_beltsander vol1.

Topped with some low fat Walls vanilla ice cream, strawberry Oreos and some @sweetfreedomuk choc shot.

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patricia_iifym🍏 Meal 1 👉🏼 So dense, so thick 👌🏼 Salted Caramel Apple Cake Bars by @the_beltsander 🙏🏼 Amazing volume which is a must on any cut ✂️ Macros are for 1/2 of this 8 x 8 baking dish and a caramel sludge (#MyProtein) 😋 Properly carbing up post workout and pre party

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iifym_fitness_Refuel after a rough shoulder session before:

Protein pancakes from @the_beltsander vol 1 using @optimumnutrition_uk layered with @heckfooduk chicken sausages, scrambled eggs using @bulkpowders_uk then topped with some grilled bacon and lots of @theproteinworks zero syrup.

The pancakes are great, really filling and easy to make. Definitely the simplest and best recipe I’ve come across. I can’t recommend the @the_beltsandercookbooks highly enough guys. They’ve been a massive help during my diet and if your new to tracking macros there is a great introduction to it in vol 1.

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love_lifting#TBT to making @the_beltsander carrot protein slice! These things were DENSEEEE!!!! and most importantly delicious 🍰👌 I’m sure everyone already follows him, but go check him and his recipe book out!

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constant_craverFinally got around to making @the_beltsander bean brownies, perfect texture! Now to try and stop myself from eating the whole batch at once

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pops_foodiekitchenWednesdays Healthy Bake 🍌🍞🍌🍞 @the_beltsander Banana Bread – subbed the bluberries for strawberries this time 🍓 Smells delicious as always can’t wait to dig in one of my fav recipes from his 1st ebook 👌

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