Square organics chocolate coated cherry flavour bar.

Appearance: 🔹 A pretty small bar at 48g true to is name they are square and they’re certainly not the prettiest thing I’ve ever unwrapped. Let’s be honest, it looks like someone’s reversed their car over it.

Texture🔹: superb, their initially crumbly but then become soft, fudgy and melt in the mouth. Hardly any chew apart from the flakes of dried cherries.

Taste🔹: Awesome. Proper rich chocolate flavour, their sweet and decadent like a real chocolate bar with the sour dried cherry taste in the background. It’s nice and subtle instead of being an “in your face” artificial cherry flavour.




Carbs:23 (fibre2)



It would be really easy to point out the obvious here and say “the macros suck, they don’t have enough protein ” but let’s consider all the elements here:

These are designed to be a vegan protein bar, they’re working with brown rice protein so it’s not as simple as just dumping in some whey or casein in there to bring up the protein content.

As well as that the ingredient list is short with emphasis on quality over quantity. Organic oats, coconut oil, coconut nectar, I noticed the organic cocoa butter which explains that incredible meld in the mouth feel. And everything they’ve used is organic. They even have a USDA organic seal on the package, which I don’t think Ives ever seen on a protein bar before.

Overall this is a well thought out, great quality product. Well done @squareoganics. Look past the protein content and its mangled appearance because these things taste incredible.



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