Grenade carb killa fudge brownie flavour. 

🔹Appearance: A little on the small side at 60g. These have a chocolate coating with a layer krispies on top, under that is a thick fudge layer and finally the usual carb killa soft nougat centre. 🔹Texture: Great thick chocolate coating with a thick sticky fudge layer underneath (which is quite a bit thicker than the caramel) and a nought centre which has a nice, soft chew to it. 🔹Taste: similar to the others these are really good, The milk chocolate coating is spot on and the fudge layer definitely has that fudge taste. The nougat is perfectly sweet but I’m not getting any brownie flavour.
These also come with some carb killa signature macros:



Carbs:13.6 (fibre: 6.8)


Again these are very sweet for only 1.5g sugar and again I’m blown away by the fact they manage to make these with under 14g carbs.
This flavour is almost identical to the caramel chaos. To be honest I’d be hard pushed to tell the difference between the two.
Thats no bad thing because both flavours are superb but don’t expect any big fudge or brownie flavours

Very similar to caramel chaos but still awesome.

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