Quest chocolate chip cookie dough (new formula corn fibre)

Here’s an old school bar most people are going to be somewhat familiar with.
Appearance: 🔹 About regular size for a 60g bar. Loads of thick chocolate chunks throughout. Always a pleasing looking bar.
Texture🔹: Sticky and soft with the perfect amount of chew, the thick chocolate chunks add a nice crack to the overall texture when you hit one. This is one of the bars that didn’t seem to be affected much by the new formula.
Taste🔹: Excellent, sweet vanilla and cookie flavours and the chocolate chunks taste exactly as they should. Tastes a lot more luxurious than they look. They’re also very satisfying given their size and macros.



Carbs:7 (fibre14)


For me this was the first protein bar that actually tasted amazing and I could eat everyday without either going over on my macros or getting bored of eventually.
This is (probably I’m not sure) quests biggest selling flavour and in my opinion they’re yet to improve on this one. (Apart from s’mores maybe)
I haven’t had one in ages and thought I might be a bit disappointed now I’ve tried quite a few different bars since but its familiar taste and texture brought the memories back right away.
Quest for me can be a bit hit and miss and I like to think of them as the marmite of the protein bar world, people seem to either love them or hate them. But I’m yet to find a person who dislikes this particular flavour. Its is a rare blend of excellent texture, flavour and macros and if I’m being honest I’m probably always going to have a soft spot for this one.

Ive lost track of how many of these I’ve eaten and I never did manage to get bored of this flavour

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