The protein ball Co. Peanut butter flavour.


I know these aren’t a bar strictly speaking but bear with me on this:

Appearance🔹A bit odd, you get 6 bits sized balls in a 45g pack, light brown coloured and studded with peanut pieces and salt.

Texture🔹: soft and chewy, there’s a slight crunch from the peanuts, nor bad overall

Taste🔹: There’s a raw peanut taste from the coating and the saltiness comes through but outside of that there’s not a lot happening here. I can see what they were going for: salty, sweet. But the flavours aren’t strong enough and I was left a bit disappointed.

Carbs:20 (fibre:2)

Credit where it’s due though they have managed to make them with an ingredients list literally only 6 ingredients long. Strangely they opted to use dried egg white powder for the 10g protein.
Overall, It’s not a bad idea it was just poorly executed.
Price isn’t something I normally factor in but I found €3 for 45g bag pretty ridiculous.


I did notice they wrote paleo on the bag, so if your into eating things off pointed sticks in caves these might be for you.

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