Weider first bar, strawberry cheesecake flavour.

Appearance🔹looking pretty short and blocky at 60g these have crispy bits scattered throughout and dried strawberry pieces

Texture🔹: soft and tacky with a nice amount of chew, there’s crispy buts throughout which give a nice blend of textures.

Taste🔹: initially these a sting vanilla flavour and then the strawberry comes through but it’s not overpowering, they use freeze dried strawberry pieces as opposed to artificially flavouring them.




Carbs:7.4 (fibre5.9)



Similar to other flavours, these bars won’t win any prizes for being exciting or dynamic but they do manage to nail the basics. 

Good taste, great texture and excellent macros.   

If you like you’re protein bars fruit flavoured, these are a solid choice.

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