Max’s protein bar, dark chocolate and cranberry

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Max’s protein bar, dark chocolate and cranberry 
Appearance🔹 Like the previous flavour I reviews this bar looks small but feels quite hefty at 60g. Dark brown bar with oats and cranberry pieces visible throughout
Texture🔹: Nice crumbly texture and the cranberry add a chewy, stickiness. A bit on the dry side but good overall.
Taste🔹: Great bitter dark cocoa flavour which pairs really well with the bittersweet cranberry pieces throughout. I wasn’t sure how well cranberry and chocolate would work but it’s actually very good. Not everyone is going to be a fan of rich, bitter flavours so these won’t be for everyone but I certainly enjoyed it.


Like the apple cinnamon flavour these look and taste like a homemade product, instead of adding a tonne of flavours and sweetness they’ve opted to naturally sweeten these with apple juice and dates with the 17g protein coming from a whey concentrate.

This is reflected in the ingredients with was only 9 items long and in my opinion match any of the big brands in terms of flavour
You won’t be blown away by their macro split but If your after a unique, homemade bar these are a great choice.

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