Olimp nutrition Gladiator, caramel flavoured bar with peanuts

(That’s the actual name)

Appearance🔹 Good sized bar for 64g, thick chocolate coating with some crispy bits underneath, a layer of caramel and nougat centre. For the life of me I couldn’t find any peanuts.
Texture🔹: Fantastic, there’s a nice blend of crispy, sticky caramel and that awesome crumbly texture that the brownie flavour also possessed.

Taste🔹: Really good, proper chocolate coating, plenty of caramel with was sticky and gooey and the centre is sweet with a nice vanilla tone. But sadly no peanuts to be had.




Carbs:16 (fibre: 8)



Superb macro split, taste and texture and low in sugar these bars tick almost all the boxes.

Unfortunately this flavour is too similar to the brownie flavour and I couldn’t detect and peanut. When I read over the ingredients peanuts are actually listed, but only at 0.7%. I guess that still counts, but they could have just labelled it “may contain traces of nuts”. Even if I had an intolerance I’d be hard pushed to notice them.
These bars get so many things right but just don’t deliver what the name would suggest.

The brownie flavour also suffered from this identity crisis.

Could have been amazing but they fail to deliver what the name suggests. It seems they hired the same guy as Lenny and Larry to do their labelling.

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