Protein dynamix dynabar, chocolate vanilla crunch.

Protein dynamix dynabar.
Chocolate vanilla crunch.

Appearance🔹 Good sized bar for 64g, thick chocolate coating with plenty of crispy bits surrounding a nougat like centre with a caramel layer

Texture🔹: incredible, the outer layer has a great crunch every bite and they got the the centre perfect, not tough or chewy at all. The fact the crispy, chocolate coating completely surrounds the nougat centre makes the texture more like a regular chocolate bar.

Taste🔹 Fantastic, the chocolate coating is spot on, the caramel is sweet and sticky although there isn’t quite enough of it to make a proper statement and the centre is the right amount of sweet.




Carbs:25 (fibre: 10.3)


They are a little fat heavy and the 15g sugar will probably upset some but these are definitely worth the sacrifice.

Dynamix send me a box of these to try last week for review and I’ve eaten at least one everyday since.

They’ve clearly spent a bit of time getting this product right and it’s easily one of the best bars on the market.

Unfortunately at the minute they only come in one flavour. These are very close to a perfect protein bar and there’s tonnes of potential here, I’m looking forward to seeing what else they will come up with.



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