Sci Mx strawberry and white chocolate chip pro 2 go cookie


Appearance🔹 Large sized cookie at 75g with white chocolate chips and a few specks of strawberry pieces.
Texture🔹Their initially quite chewy but end up being very dry and gritty. Cookies should be somewhat moist and these are far from it.

Taste🔹 Not great, overly sweet and there’s a strong synthetic strawberry flavour that completely over powers everything, I also noticed a strange aftertaste that was almost bitter.
Carbs:32 (fibre: 1.8)
Eyeing the ingredients the 23g of protein comes from a mixture of “milk” and soy protein and its been flavoured with concentrated strawberry purée that someone has clearly been trigger happy with.
It’s not bad macro wise considering its massive size but it’s let down by its poor, dry texture and awful over the top strawberry flavour.

I doubt either Lenny or Larry are too worried about this one.

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