Eat Smart precision digital elite kitchen scale review

The digital kitchen scale is arguably one of the most important pieces of kit you can own from a nutritional stand point and if you’re currently tracking your macros you’ll appreciate just how genius these things are.

But some of them have issues, Big issues.

For example some of cheap scales I’ve owned through the years have had major difficulty registering small differences in weight.

Now that might not make a big difference in some cases but if your weighting out a calorie dense food such as peanut butter, or oil then that it is problem.
Enter the EatSmart precision digital elite kitchen scale.

It’s a precision kitchen scale with the focus on healthy eating habits and this thing is a beast, its brushed stainless steal platform is big enough to accommodate my largest mixing bowls and its so big in fact, I can weigh out an entire dinner plate and still be able to read the display.

The LCD screen is also back lit making it easy to read in any lighting.
The best part is this things accuracy,

Even the smallest adjustments in weight are tracked instantly and accurately. With scales I’ve owned in the past I found myself having to constantly nudge them to get them to realise that I’ve made an adjustment.
I also love the fact these take 3 AAA size batteries instead of a tiny button cell battery that typically come with scales, last only a couple of months and cost more then the scale itself to replace.
These also come bundled with a booklet that explains portion control and calorie counting, giving explanations of the calorie content of certain foods.

To be fair it’s a bit old fashioned in this day and age but its nice to see they’ve included it in keeping with the heathy eating theme.
While it isn’t the cheapest scale I’ve ever owned, when you take into consideration how often you’ll have to change that button cell on that cheap food scale this scale actually represents decent value for money.
If you track calories or macros (flexible dieting/ IIFYM) and like me, you use your scale evey day then this is pretty much as good as they get,
Check the ratings in,

I’ll drop a link to the uk site below:

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