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First attempt at @the_beltsander minimum effort chocolate gateaux cake with a raspberry toffee @bulknutrients casein icing stuffing, topped with thick @thenuttywhey caramel peanut butter and three orange scream Oreos. 😍
Those macros though,


shelleydwightDid a spot of baking tonight, thought it was time to try out @the_beltsander cannellini bean brownies. Half a pan, topped with Waitrose Belgian frozen yoghurt, @waldenfarmsinternationalCaramel syrup and crispy M&Ms. Yummy 😍
Macros: P 30g C 69g F 14g


lucio_piera Macro friendly KFC


louis_eatsNo photos can do this justice.. 😍
Had a LOT of carbs to make up for from last week, so I made a 80 CENTIMETRE (32 inch) pizza (@the_beltsander recipe) loaded with Thai chicken, honey leg ham, mixed veg, olives, habenero/Carolina reaper chillies, cheesy mozzarella and various sauces.. Oh damn. 😍
And check out those macros – under 30g fat 😏

love_liftingToday’s lunch was a huge (1kg+) serve of my new ‘cauli con carne’ and a batch of cornbread thanks to @the_beltsander new recipe book!👌 I couldn’t fit all the food into the serving dish and was extremely full and satisfied for the whole day after this!


iifym_is_the_future Cannelloni bean protein brownies


sarah_the_fit_perspectiveAnother belter from @the_beltsander 😜
Apple and raisin cinnamon roll 👌🏼

screen-shot-2016-06-20-at-10-47-052pancakesmakeyoufamousWhen your coach RAISES your carbs, you say thanks very fucking much, head to the kitchen, and make apple and raisin cinnamon rolls.

Top them with a glorious cream cheese frosting and smash your face straight into the tin. 😍😍 @the_beltsander for the recipe 👌.

pops_foodiekitchenFresh Batch of @the_beltsander Bean Brownies on a Sunday can only mean one thing Brownie Bowls 🙌 And shall be the same for the next few days – My fav dessert I think 🍰 anyone who isn’t making these is seriously missing out – no junk in any of the ingredients full of goodness 😆 but what you top them with is up to urself 😉


pops_foodiekitchen@the_beltsander is there anything in your ebooks i wont like 😅 Something as simple as protein french toast made twice as nice with his little tip at end of recipe absolutely gorgeous 😍 I went with white chocolate flavour, using 3 slices of honey and spelt bread, topped with caramelised bananas and some goji berries, nuts n more white chocolate PB, strawberry jam and glenisk greek yogurt on the side. Amaze 😍


damianomitaReese’s pieces definitely make the best toppers, or just straight out the bag is fine aswell 😂 @the_beltsanderchocolate coconut cake on a bed of cookie crisp and marshmallow Mateys cereal topped with reese’s pieces and some wf chocolate syrup


milanschuuring#tb to yesterday’s @the_beltsander Calzone with @xzowiey . Totally messed up the folding because we lacked dough (we also made a pizza), but the taste and macro’s were awesome!


sarah_the_fit_perspectiveLittle bit obsessed with oats 🌾

Cappuccino oats from @the_beltsandervolume 2 – hands down the best recipe book 📖 *


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