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dsmithyyyTonights Sweet potato protein pancakes with @dr_zaks_ltd peanut butter and Hershey’s caramel syrup and a crumbled rainbow cookie 😍

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hollyfitfamThis messy salad bowl was inspired by @natashasfitlife cause she makes the most amazing plates of randomness 🙌🏻 4 @heckfooduk chicken sausages, rice, spinach, carrot, tomatoes and a @the_beltsander dressing which, as always, is kick ass! All in a bowl, obvs! 😏

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samaveryptWhole pan of cannelini bean brownies topped with a banana and TPW dark choc Zero syrup 👌

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louis_eatsThought I’d try my cooking out with another recipe from @the_beltsandere-book! 📲
Tuna and potato patties on top of a bed of 1/2kg basmati rice and mixed Moroccan chicken/veg! Huge win, macros fit my goals perfectly, and it’s so delicious. 😍
1080 calories –
• 183g carb
• 7g fat
• 75g protein

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shelleydwightDid a spot of baking this morning. Made @the_beltsander protein banana cake but swapped the blueberries for chocolate chips as my stomach doesn’t really agree with fruit 😒. It would have been rude not to try out my new @nutsnmore cookie butter, this went so well together 👌🏼 the other half was topped with Nutella for @damianomita 🍫 All washed down with a @crumpetscoffee in coconut cream 😍 perfect pre-workout!
I’m having a day of tracking after 19 weeks dieting, but the macros with topping: P 32 C 53g F 16g

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flexappealfoodsSome “KFC” Chicken thanks to a recipe in @the_beltsander‘s cookbook. I won’t give away the recipe.
On a scale of would I make it again….yes I would.

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pops_foodiekitchenAnother recipe from @the_beltsander ebook number ✌ for last night’s #fakeaway KFC style chicken which was 😍 Flavours more or less identical and nicer if anything👌 Served with roasted veg, chunky chips and homemade Taco Sauce 👌 Can’t wait to make again 🙌

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louis_eatsEvening meal from @the_beltsander e-book! 😏
Batch of ‘killer cornbread’, with a little serve of kangaroo chilli con carne for dipping!
Super macro-friendly and tasty. 😁

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louis_eatsSo much win, with another recipe from @the_beltsander e-book. 😍
300g cooked basmati rice, topped with chicken tikka masala and an onion Bhaji.. Holy cow the flavours, and such good macros. 🙄🙈

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