Cookbook Volume 2 Recreations :


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  • the new @the_beltsander cookbook is amazing. I mean, volume 1 was unreal but this… No words for how awesome it is 🙌
    Baked the cherry bakewell loaf from it last night and omg ❤ It’s delicious. The macros are epic and lawd the taste 😍 Had some last night with tea and proyo, and brought it on train back to Kerry today with frozen raspberries + greek yoghurt. It’s like the perfect tea accompaniment <3 Can’t wait to make more recipes from this book woooo 😀


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frankie_doo83Taking @the_beltsanderMicrowave muffin to new levels straight from the new ebook 👍🏻


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louis_eats@the_beltsander released his 2nd edition e-book last night, and my goodness.. It’s incredible! Some AMAZING meals, all with nutritional info and all suited for different macro days! (Both high and low carb)! Do yourselves a huge favour and treat yourself to one amazing recipe book! 👌🏼
Entire pan of garlic and parsley dough-pulls from his latest recipe book.. Damn these were good. 😍

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rsf90 Tonight for tea, I very successfully made @the_beltsander version of KFC chicken burgers
They were absolutely delightful!
Added 10g mozerrella to the top of both with a little bit of mustard

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